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Why sell that guitar or bass you once loved? Why not bring it back to new? I can set up and detail your instrument to look and play like new for very little money! 15 years experience.
Full detail includes: Set action, condition fret-board, clean and polish frets, intonate, restring, clean pots, polish, adjust truss-rod and anything else it needs. We now also Feature Deluxe Tone Rite Guitar Set Ups.


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"All musicians are potential band leaders."
Thelonious Monk


Shawn Steen

Repairs & Luthier

15 years experience doing set up and repairs.

Often same day turn around!


Complete Setup (Labor Only):

  • Electric Guitar - $49 for non Trem, $59 for Trem, $150 for Locking Trem
    (add $10 for 12 string, locking tuners or for a Truss rod that is under the pick guard, add $40 for Gibson Mini-E Tuners)
  • Bass $39
  • Acoustic Guitar $39
  • Tone Rite Device Set Up $60 ( 3 days w/ToneRiteDevice & Truss rod adjustment)
  • Banjo, Resonator $39, Mandolin $49
  • Re-String Only- $10, $20 for Classical with string purchase (add $5 with your strings), Locking tuners, Mandolin or 12 string, $40 Locking Trem, $30 for Gibson Mini-E tuning
  • Intonate/tune Only $29


We also offer Drum Set assembly and tuning for $60 and drum tuning alone with our drum torque device for $30

Other repairs (Labor Only):

  • Replace nut w/pre slotted nut $60 / Bone nut carved & slotted $89
    Lower or File & fit new saddle $60, Bone saddle carved and set $85.
  • Re-glue Uke bridge $40
  • Wiring $85 single, Pair $95, w/ pots $150 - Hollowbody $189 minimum
  • Replace Input jack $20. $40 for Hollowbody (+ Parts) • Clean pots/switches $10
  • File High Nut or Fill and re-file nut $60
  • Fret Level $200 / Spot Level $45 per fret
  • Install New Tuners $30, Classical $40 (Reaming add $30)
  • Install or repair Strap Buttons $10
  • Install Acoustic Pick Up: Under Saddle $89, Sound Hole $59, Mic on soundboard style $150, Pre Amp $100


What we do NOT do (Due to equipment needed or time restraints)

Acoustic Neck Reset, Headstock Repair, Plek, Re-glue bridge on acoustic guitar, Re-glue bracing, re-fretting & routing

We recommend: Lewis Santer (510) 364-3112 lewis@LSanter.com Located in Oakland

For Amp Repair: John Hubbard (925) 625-9568 poortone@gmail.com Located in Oakley

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